12th January 2014

Typhoon Colin is now really stirring things up. We wake to consistent rain and temperatures as cool as the average British summer. The previous evening was not especially quiet with weekending Filipinos jabbering until all hours. I’m sure the Artistic is a fabulous place for divers but it is not that laid back or comfortable so we decide to shift a few metres down Punta Ballo beach to Robinson’s who now have rooms available.

Robinson’s is the opposite of where we were. Even though it’s Sunday the place is empty and as it is Filipino owned and run it has more of a relaxed, almost horizontal vibe that both of the other Swiss run resorts lack. It’s also far prettier and the cheapest.

The rain is now acting like stair rods so there is nothing else to do than kick off the sandals, read, drink beer and play cards which most people do on holiday. This is not likely to make good material for a blog so closing now with some images of the resort.